Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

I have been MIA from my blog for a little while (sorry all), but sometimes life just gets busy you know, and it is that crazy time of year where everything is finishing up and days fly by! Nevertheless, I am back now and wanted to do a little list of small things you can do in your day to day life which can positively impact your mental health!

Take time out just for you

This is so much easier said than done. Sometimes I still struggle with feeling selfish when I take time off, or say no to things I think I ‘should’ be doing, or spend a day doing absolutely nothing just because thats what my body and mind needs. But for the most part, I have gotten so much better at this than I used to be. Anyone who knew me a couple of years ago, will agree that I would work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day if it made the people around me happy. But it only took several burn outs for me to learn that I really can’t maintain that, no one can! So now it is a bare minimum that I have 2 days off a week (who am I trying to impress by working all day everyday anyway?) These 2 days off a week now are sacred for me, and it has to be a really good reason for me to sacrifice this me time!

Don’t leave things to the last minute

I am writing this one down as a reminder to myself! I always used to be the kind of person who would finish assessments as soon as they got handed out to us, and would study for months leading up to an exam.. Now however, I am the biggest procrastinator known to man. I will leave my university work to the night before it’s due, and then wonder why I am anxiety ridden in the days leading up to the due date! Sometimes it is really hard to find the motivation to get to work on things, especially if you are struggling with a mental illness, but just know that starting is the hardest part! I will often make myself even just do the formatting early. I will do easy things like the heading, title page, format of the assessment early so that I can just fill in the blanks when I get the energy to do so! Generally once I have made this start, I am more inclined to keep going!

Make your bed

Anyone in that knows me in real life is going to call me the biggest hypocrite because I HATE making the bed! I tend to avoid it at all costs… My partner however, always makes the bed in the morning, and I have to admit you do always feel a little bit better when it looks all nice and inviting, and you can get into tucked in sheets at night time. Maybe I should start forcing myself to make the bed aswell…’


Eat Breakfast

Up until about 3 years ago, I never ate breakfast. I would get up, get dressed and rush out of the house in record breaking speed. I then transitioned to even just eating a banana or piece of toast on the go (because go forbid I get up 10 minutes earlier and eat at home), and even that makes a difference by just waking your body up in the morning. Now however, I wake up an hour before I have to leave the house, and make myself a delicious breakfast and sit down to enjoy it in the mornings, and this has been a game changer! I feel so much more ready to take on the day after I have given myself some time in the morning, and eaten something that I actually enjoy.


I can rave all day and night about how much journalling has helped me in my daily life! I always have my journal with me so that I can write things down at any moment of the day! If my anxiety starts to bubble while I’m working, I can take a second out and write down whats bothering me, and it just helps to separate yourself from whatever is going through your brain.


I realise this one may not be so easy… A lot of the time talking about our struggles can be really damn hard! But I urge you to find someone you trust and try to open up. There are so many people on this earth that love us, and that are willing to help us in anyway they can! And once you have made the first leap of trust, it can start conversations with people in your life that you never thought you would have. Starting this blog for instance, has made so many people in my life more open about their struggles with me, and it means we can all grow our support networks that little bit larger.

Let me know if you have any little techniques you would add to the list


Judy Maree