Incorporating Gratitude in Your Daily Life

When you’re going through a tough time it can be hard to remember to be grateful for the good stuff, but there are a stack of benefits that can be gained from working gratitude into your everyday life.
— Reach Out Australia

Gratitude is such an important practise for me to take part in every day. It is so easy for us to get caught up in the negatives, in the questions like ‘why me?’, and to dwell in our sadness. But in every darkness, there is always light, and even our your worst days I guarantee you there is still something for you to be grateful for.

Daily Gratitude is something I am trying to incorporate into my life this year, and I am already noticing some flow on effects of this practise. It sets me up with the right head space and forces me to spend time thinking about the positives, which will always have a positive impact on your mental health. It also gives my journalling some structure, meaning I am . more likely to want to sit down and write everyday.

So without further ado, here are some ways you can make gratitude part if your daily routine.


This is my favourite way to make sure I practise gratitude. I lay out two sections in diary every day; one for morning gratitude, and one for evening gratitude. I need to put at least one thing in each section everyday, and it doesn’t need to take ages. I will usually do my morning gratitude while the kettle is boiling for example, and my evening one I incorporate into daily planning time anyway. Seeing as it is literally taking no extra time out of your day, there really is not excuse to give it a go!

take photos


Just make it a part of your that when something makes you happy you take a photo of it. Fill your phone gallery with screenshots of amazing . quotes or images that you see online, and with photos that you have taken on your daily adventures. Sometimes it can be so nice to be . able to . just scroll through the images on your phone and be reminded of all the great things in life, all the things you are grateful for.

talk to people

This is my favourite way to practise gratitude because not only is it great for you, but also your loved ones! Take some time when you can to tell people in your life that you are grateful for them, for their love, or their friendship. I can guarantee you not only will you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but so will those on the other end of your gratitude. Win win!!

I challenge anyone reading this to take part in a week of gratitude. Just one thing a day that you are grateful for! Feel free to post it on social media with hashtag #weekofgratitude2019 and let’s all share the joy and love of gratitude together .


Judy Maree