My Thoughts on Semi-Permanent Tattoos || Inkbox

I’ve never really understood the need for these kind of semi-permanent tattoos. As someone who has tattoos, I didn’t see the point in them, and all I could imagine were those cheesy fake tattoos I had as a kid. However, upon doing my research into Inkbox, my mind has been changed.

First of all, I couldn’t believe how realistic they looked, it didn’t stand out from all of my actual tattoos which was really surprising! Then this made me realise that these could be really useful for people who are thinking about getting their first tattoo but aren’t sure! The realistic look that they provide would allow people to have it on their skin for a couple of weeks and see how they feel about it before committing to a lifetime of it being on their skin!

So inkbox has a whole range of designs that artists have provided for you to be able to choose from and purchase to put on your skin. But what I think is the coolest part of this service is that you can upload your own designs and they will print it for you, so you can test run an actual design that you were thinking of getting! Or if you’re a more artistic type you can buy the ink yourself and freehand a tattoo onto your skin! What a bloody cool idea!

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I feel like this company is going to make it so much easier for people who are having trouble deciding on a tattoo, or committing to one, because they will get a real test run to see how they feel! Genius idea!

I definitely recommend giving them a try


Judy Maree