Tattoo FAQ || Do Tattoos Hurt?

For some reason this is, without doubt, the most common question people will ask me when they see that I have tattoos. "Did that hurt?" Well I mean obviously it wasn't a joyful feeling the entire time, but I don't know if 'hurt' would be the right way to describe it!


The best way I have ever heard the sensation of being tattooed described is if you were to imagine what it feels like to scratch a patch of sunburn. It isn't pleasant, but it also isn't super painful! It's just uncomfortable right?  Now just imagine doing that for a few hours, while also experiencing this weird vibrating sensation.

There is also the well known fact that certain areas hurt more than others. You will see millions of charts outlining Most Painful Areas to get Tattooed, but it is just so subjective, and everyone will have a different experience. Take this chart above which I found by a simple google search. It outlines very clearly that the inner bicep is one of the most painful spots, while the upper thigh is one of the least painful spots. I had the complete opposite experience. My entire half sleeve on my arm was a walk in the park compared to the thigh tattoo I got recently. Sure, my inner elbow was super swollen and took forever to heal, but the actual process of being tattooed was nothing compared to my thigh. The weirdest part about my thigh tattoos was the uncontrollable twitching that I experienced. It's not even that I was in pain, I was just so frustrated that my leg wouldn't stay still and behave. My poor artist had to basically hold me down, but I still got through it with a kick-ass tattoo! However I seem to be one of the only ones with this opinion on arm vs thigh as far as google searches go... So clearly there is some level of subjectivity here at play. What is uncomfortable for me, might be a walk in the park for others! 

For anyone reading this, hoping for some advice for how to choose where to get there first tattoo. I would say just go for where you would want it to be, don't think about the pain because you will get through it regardless! Even if it takes a couple of sessions because you're too uncomfortable to sit for hours, you can still get through it! Maybe just start small, my first tattoo was some text on my inner bicep, and it was so manageable that I was no longer worried about sitting through another one!

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Much Love

Judy Maree