Tattoo FAQ || Caring for a New Tattoo

So you’ve gotten a new tattoo! Congratulations! This is such an exciting time, I hope you are so in love with your beautiful new artwork!
Now, however, comes the annoying process of healing your ink. After being tattooed a whole number of times, I think I have my aftercare routine all set. So I wanted to share some tips with you.

Follow Your Artist’s Advice
Just a little disclaimer to start with. Every Tattoo Artist will have their own advice that they suggest you follow after getting a piece of their art. It is always really important to listen carefully to what they say as they may have more user specific advice for the area you had tattooed, the type of tattoo you have, or any number of things! Just remember you are permanently displaying their work so they want it to turn out as amazing as you do so they won’t lead you astray with their advice!

Generally, your artist will cover your new tattoo with cling wrap, or some other kind of protective barrier. Generally it is good to keep this only for a few hours, and then only take it off when it’s time for you to jump in the shower and give it a gentle wash. Don’t use any scented soaps, and try not to saturate it in water, just a quick rinse is a good idea for the first day.


Everyone has their own technique for what they use to keep their new ink moisturised, and as long as its nothing harsh or scented it will generally be fine, but my favourite thing to use is just a thin layer of bepanthen first aid cream. As well as keeping the sight nice and moist, it also protects from any germs which means you wont end up with a nasty infection! Generally I will put this on 3-5 times a day, depending on where it is on my body and how it is feeling.

No Swimming!
You want to keep your tattoo as clean and dry as possible for the first few weeks. So this means no swimming, and no baths! The number one reason for this is that your tattoo is an open wound, and the water is a breeding ground for bacteria. Open wounds and bacteria are not friends, and you will end up with an unhappy, infected tattoo.

No Sunlight!
Your new tattoo is extremely sensitive to direct sunlight. Exposing it to too many UVF rays can be detrimental to the healing process, and can also cause fading or your new tattoo. So make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen, or if possible keep it covered up!

Don’t Itch or Pick
Trust me, I am a chronic picker. If there is a scab I will pick it. But I learn the hard way that you really need to restrain from doing this to your tattoo! It resulted in me having patches of ink missing from where I pulled off the skin prematurely, and it just means more touch ups down the road and having to go through the healing process all over again! Generally, for me, about a week into the healing process my tattoo will get super flaky and itchy, but scratching it will only make things worse! Try to keep it moisturised and this will decrease the itchiness, but if that doesn’t help then a light slap on the area can relieve the sensation temporarily.

Let me know your tips for healing a tattoo down below


Judy Maree

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash