From Melbourne to London || Collaboration with Lavrax

Hey all,

So this month I have teamed up with Lavrax, an amazing blogger from London! We have set each other the task of researching tattoo artists from the other’s city. To see what I wrote head to Lavrax’s blog at And go follow this amazing chick on her socials like Twitter, and Instagram

Anyway, so here is Lavrax’s amazing post xx

Having been set the homework of finding some amazing tattoo artists in Melbourne, a task I am more than happy to do, I was stumped as to where to look first. What social media would be best to use? Do I look through the #hashtags?

I figured that from my years of obsessively looking for my next tattoo artist, Instagram was definitely my best friend! I would recommend for anyone looking for the right artist (in any city!)… Go for the ‘gram.

Firstly I wanted to look at the different styles. If you’re new to tattoos you will need to know that there are many different styles of tattoos: Black work, traditional, realism, tribal… and so, so many more. My personal favourites have been traditional and ornamental, which may be reflected in my choosing, but I admire any talent when I see it and I will try not to be biased!

This criterion for picking an artist goes for when I am looking for an artist myself, and I believe are very important aspects of the tattoo process:

  • Designs – It is important to know what style you want and for the design to look good. When you find designs that you like, then you can go ahead and ask the artist to design your own piece. I made sure that the artist had plenty of examples of their artwork, not just their tattoos.

  • Skill – How the tattoo shows up on the skin. How does the design on paper compare to the design on the skin? I want to see clarity, good use of space, and effective shading. It is important to see the transition and how effective the artist is in recreating their art with the tattoo gun.

  • The healed shot – a lot of people miss this one out, but a good tattoo artist will create a tattoo that will last. I like to see what the tattoo looks like a year or even more after. This will give you an idea of how good their technique is and if it will give you a good tattoo in the long run.

An additional factor that I like to look at is how the artist engages with their clients, I have experienced being tattooed by people who have a great presence, and some who are not so friendly. Either way...

Here are my top 5 Melbourne tattoo artists

@ leonienewtattoos

The mix of traditional and Japanese style flowers gives it a twist on the traditional style of tattoo. The block shading is also very intriguing, I have always loved dark colours on the skin, and I love how parts of the tattoos are blacked out.

@ heygemmaflack

I instantly fell in love with Gemma’s work. Her layout on Instagram shows a range of her drawings and tattoos, which is something that I like to look for when looking at artists. Her style of tattooing adds colour to very fine and simple lines, with very delicate shading, creating a very gentle end product that looks as if it could have been licked on by a puppy. This one was definitely my favourite of the bunch.

@ ngxtattoo

I am an absolute sucker for floral and ornamental tattoos. Seeing both of these styles being done by @Ngxtatoo made my eyes very happy. She creates tattoos with very light colours but on occasion, you can see her darker work, which is just as impressive. Her amazing skills are shown with how clean the tattoos come out.

@ Clareclarity

Clare's work is so solid and beautiful to look at. The amount of detail that goes into the texture of every tattoo really stuck out for me, and I am in love with the fact that she tattoos so many animals. Her colour use and the placement is amazing.


I absolutely love how diverse this artist is. I love the delicacy in his work whilst still keeping some of it traditional. I find that black work is often made very heavy and I super enjoy when it brings a lighter side to it.

We also decided to pick our top 5 artists in our own cities, so here are my top 5 London tattoo artists: 

  1. Rebecca Vincent

  2. Aaron Anthony

  3. Ethan Jones

  4. Laura Gascoyne

  5. Paula Davey

I have been so lucky to have been tattooed by all of these amazing artists! But that will be for another post!

This was so much fun, and I can't wait to see the artist that Judy picked! 

Lots of love,